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Innovation is more than just ideation.  Ideation is the fun part, but there’s also the stages before and after which help make ideation much more succesful.  We believe in the Design Thinking methodology of problem solving, which can really be used to help design experiences, products, servics, marketing campaigns.

We follow the four step process – What Is, What If, What Wows, and What Works.  And we utilize a hybrid platform/in-person process to maximize the reach and learnings.

We offer both capacity building – teaching you the how – and Design Thinking projects – where our experts work on your challenges.  Capacity building is in the form of 1/2 day, full day, and 3 day workshops.  Design Thinking projects generally last 1-3 months, depending on scope.  To learn more, please inquire!


The Process:

What Is: is all about discovering the true needs of the stakeholders.  What do your end users need?  Before we start ideating solutions, let’s understand the real problem.  Through user interviews, Diads, journey mapping and competitive research we start to paint the picture of the actual needs of the end users. From that we develop the design criteria.

What If: The fun part!  Once you’ve gathered the insights and synthesized the research, it’s now time to develop concepts.  In this phase, Quantity is the goal – generate lots and lots of ideas to solve the problem.  We use the Betterific platform to generate ideas across departments, co-creating with the end user and giving everyone a voice.  We also supplement that work with in person brainstorms to maximize convergent thinking.

What Wows: Now’s when we have test our assumptions and build prototypes to figure out the intersection of the business needs and end-user needs.  The three buckets are the value to customer, the ability to scale, and sustainability of the solution.  We prototype ideas that meet the design criteria and show the prototypes to all stakeholders to start to understand What Wows.  Oftentimes, we’ll bring those concepts onto our concept refinement product and mix that with user-interviews so we can get a good mix of data.

What Works: Is where we would help run a learning launch and get the prototype into the market.  This is where we make the determination of Go/No-Go based on data and feedback we receive from the market.

To learn more about our Design Thinking approach – and how we blend technology + services to help maximize the process – reach out!

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