In addition to Betterific’s enterprise innovation management platform and private white-label platforms, we also run and maintain a public facing community of over 20,000 members who can help you generate ideas around new products, marketing initiatives, and experience improvements.

If you’re looking to create products and experiences that consumers want, this is your chance.  Betterific’s open crowdsourcing community offers the opportunity to crowdsource and co-create with a dedicated group of passionate ideators and innovators.  It’s a great way to work hand-in-hand with consumers to build and iterate with them.  It’s also a fantastic supplement to your internal, employee innovation – and a way to generate thought starters and blue sky innovation.  When you reach out to people out of your organization, they are able to contribute freely, without the baggage of internal politics and the weight of why ideas can’t happen.

We’ve worked with countless consumer brands – Target, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Entenmann’s ConAgra… – who have tapped into our audience to unearth hundreds of product-ready, actionable ideas.  From idea generation, to idea validation, our community can help you think up, and curate ideas.

If you’re interested in learning more about our public facing innovation challenges, please contact us, and or check out the site itself:

Scroll down, or Click here to see our Case study with Target, where they launched 7 products based on ideas generated and validated on within the Betterific Community.